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a unique combination of Aromas and Traditions!

Founded in 1139 and independent since 1143, Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the world. Its history, culture, natural landscapes, people, climate, food and wines transform Portugal into a delightful destination with plenty to discover, a place to remember.
Due to the presence of Celts, Romans, Visigothic and Germanic peoples Portugal construction is heavily influenced by several cultures. Later, in the 15th
Century, the Age of Discovery (Descobrimentos) influenced the Portuguese people and helped them to establish contacts all over the world. The Portuguese are often said to be the “fathers” of the modern process of Globalization!
The Age of Discovery may be one of the reasons why these people are so open and welcoming to visitors. Always pleasing everyone with a smile, great food and wines, Portugal is definitely a great place to enjoy life and one of the few year-round destinations!
Join us and discover the many wine regions and the richness of Portuguese grape varieties felt at each sip!

Wine Regions

Meet the different terroirs!

Grape Varieties

Meet the diversity of authentic Portuguese grape varieties.


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